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What is Salud con lupa?

Fabiola Torres

How do we work?

Our contents is all based on the following editorial principles:


Journalism is based on curiosity and passion, but above all on experience and a methodology. To improve quality of news we are open to experimentation and we believe in amphibian research—reporters in alliances with professionals from different disciplines—to ask more creative and rigorous questions in each story.


We connect journalists and newsrooms across Latin America to create and produce ambitious journalistic research that has a positive impact on public health. By collaborating and working across borders, we are able to investigate in greater depth, verify information, and amplify the impact of our results.


We encourage journalists who specialize in public health to obtain training, and we focus on the skills that combine the traditional techniques of journalism research and big data analysis to incorporate new approaches and increase the rigor of our stories.


We build an online community that seeks to improve the way public health in Latin America is covered and discussed. Therefore, we encourage debates and offer our collaborators and readers a space to exchange ideas, show their work, and benefit from our contents.

Data analysis

We open, build, and analyze databases, and then transform them into news content, accountability tools, and services for citizens. The information that businesses, government organizations, academic centers, and civil society associations generate about public health is an important ingredient.


We have created a data verification section that will focus on exposing the quackery, pseudoscience, and fake health news stories that spread through the web. On this site we will publish articles that debunks myths and clarify relevant data to put a stop to the contagious misinformation that threatens our well-being.


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